Tony Taylor and Summer with Grandpa, by B. C. Mullins

Charming and Suspenseful Childhood Tale with a Surprise Ending

This is the first of a series of stories about Tony Taylor and Grandpa’s farm. It is a charming story of a young boy’s summer visit with his grandparents. The writing is so descriptive that I felt that I had visited the house and family myself.

Life on the farm is exciting for Tony with much to explore and many things to learn from his grandpa. Tony and Grandpa share a Secret about the farm, which is revealed as the story proceeds. Tony’s constant companion while visiting is Skippy, Grandpa’s German shepherd.

Tony and Skippy explore along the creek and find a clearing in the woods where Tony meets a mysterious little girl. Suspense is created until the Secret is revealed and the mystery of the girl solved in a surprise ending. Young readers (and listeners) will hang on every word and won’t be disappointed. I love this story and look forward to more adventures with Tony on Grandpa’s farm!

My Newest Favorite Author for Kids

Tony Taylor and Camping with Scouts, by B. C. Mullins

This is the second book in the Tony Taylor Series.

In this charming chapter book for young readers, Tony Taylor invites his scout troop to camp on his grandfather’s farm in Maryland. There, as Tony knows, magical things have been known to happen, and this trip is no exception.

The scouts and their families enjoy a hike on the farm and a visit to a fair. They camp out under the stars and are entertained by Tony’s grandfather who tells them a story about pixies, magical creatures who expect people to behave nicely and are known to play tricks when they don’t.

But it’s just a story. There are no such things as pixies, right? Yet someone plays pranks on the boys who are less than nice. Pixies? Or someone else?

Join Tony and his friends on this adventure and decide for yourself! Tony Taylor books engage your imagination and are good, wholesome entertainment for the entire family.