Reviews from a Fifth Grade Class

I had the wonderful experience of being able to speak to a class of fifth grade students about Ray's Violet and tell about how I came to write it.  

I introduced the story and the characters, and then the class read and discussed the book over the next few weeks.  I visited the class a second time and had the opportunity to meet with the students in small groups.  

We talked about the story, and they had a chance to tell me what they liked about it and, in some cases, what they didn't like!  😮😎🙂

 The students wrote reviews for me, and I include excerpts from them here:

  • I liked this book so much because it was interesting.  I liked the last chapter because it was sad but also happy.
  • The story was about a boy and a bug.  The bug was magical. The bug helped the boy with some of his problems.
  • I liked the Magic Bowl of Popcorn chapter because I think it was really good and my favorite part because it was a magic thing in that part.
  • The book is about a lightning bug that can do magical things.  Violet used mind control to help Ray stay at his house that his family was going to sell.  Violet used her powers to make water overflow and not turn off.  I liked the book because it's about a magical lightning bug.
  • I think this is a good book becauser Violet helped Ray get his house back.  If someone wanted to read this book, I would tell them that the book is good, and I would say that they should read it.
  • I like how the firefly laughed.
  • This is a cool book, and Violet is cool, too.
  • My favorite part was the Morse Code because it was fun to learn about.  Violet overflowed the sink so the people that wanted to buy the house [changed their minds.]
  • The book was pretty good.  If I could rate it, it would be 10 out of 10.  What I didn't like about the book was that Ray's parents didn't find out about Violet.
  • I liked this book because it was easy to read and did not have too big words.  I did not like the ending because instead of hearing Violet laugh [as she flew away], we should have seen her.
  • I liked the book but there wasn't enough action and adventure.  It is a good book otherwise.  Please make a new book.  Name it "Evil Chicken Rampage!"  It would be awesome!
  • Ray finds out he will be moving, so his lightning bug, Violet, helps him on his adventures.  Violet's magical powers helped Ray a lot.  I think this book is very creative and entertaining.  I liked how Violet helped Ray get the bike he wanted while also teaching him to be responsible at the same time.
  • I think this book was good, but I didn't like it when Violet left.  I liked when they found out about the Morse Code.  I think this book is really cool and good.
  • I liked it because it was very good and it had a lot of details.
  • At first, I thought Chapter 10 was hard to understand, but I got help and then I understood it.
  • I think the book was OK.  I wished there was more action.  I liked the ending because it was sad.
  • The thing I did like about it was at the end when Violet left.  The things I didn't like were the lack of action and adventure.  I really liked the end when Violet left, which made the reader sad and therefore liking it two times more.
  • I liked how the story was paced.  I thought chapter three was especially good because it showed that Violet could communicate with people.  I would recommend the book because it was a good story.
  • Violet helped Ray keep his house.  I liked it but it needs more action.  It was kind of dull and needs more action.  I like Chapter 10.  It was a good book.
  • What I would say is that someone will like this book.  It is about a firefly talking in Morse Code. Some people will like this book because it's about a firefly helping Ray save the house from getting sold.

Thank you, Class!  I enjoyed meeting you.