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My First Book, "Ray's Violet"

 Ray’s summer is ruined before it begins when he comes home from the last day of fourth grade to find a FOR SALE sign in his yard! Will he have to move from the only home he has ever known and leave his school and his best friend? When the realtor brings families to see the house and strange things start to happen, Ray wonders if his imagination is going wild...or is something magical truly happening?

Could his new pet lightning bug, who communicates with him by Morse Code, have something to do with the magic? Or is his mother right when she says he has a good imagination? In either case, something strange is going on!

This is the story of a purple lightning bug named Violet who shows up one evening as Ray and his friend, Adam, are catching lightning bugs.  Violet is unusual, to say the least.  Read the story to find our about how she communicates by Morse Code, how she seems to be able to make things happen, and how she helps Ray's family.




Pictures from Ray's Violet: Catching Lightning Bugs

A Most Unusual Insect

Ray's House Was For Sale.

A Magic Bowl of Popcorn

Magic is in the Air!